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pencere ve kapı sistemleri adopen bergün proje

Window and Door Systems

Bergün Project, which is a manufacturer of window systems, ADOPEN dealer;
produces durable, long-lasting and high quality PVC Window and Door Systems.




Sound insulation

The pressure changes that the ear can detect in the solid, liquid and gas environments are called noise, the noise to the disturbing noises. For people over 50 db, the noise is considered as noise and ...

Application to Static Structure

ADOPEN is capable of producing all shapes and sizes of wind load in every kind of strength, resistant to heat of all degrees. The outer walls of the flesh, the internal feds and the chambers used at t ...

Heat and Water Insulation

In one structure, the heat loss is reduced and the biggest heat in the interior is maintained. The windows are the first element to cause heat loss in rooms.

Coloring and Lamination

ADOPEN works not only to provide a superior PVC system that provides an economic and healthy life, but also to give the full value of expectations from a window by offering its customers a variety of ...

PVC Profile Window Production and Technique

Summary of Adopen's excellence in production by producing high quality profiles and delivering it to the consumer wherever it is by means of a widespread dealer network.

Quality Approach

Our main principle is; using our knowledge, experience and corporate culture; is to analyze the changing, evolving and differentiated demands of our customers in a fast, effective and economical way.
We act with the awareness that continuously improving our business processes by evaluating the feedback of our employees and customers and making us a competitive company in the world market. We provide training and vocational training and personal development training to our employees, provide them with high standards of training and development opportunities, and take precautions from our personnel to prevent occupational accidents. We continue our activities with the awareness that the development and progress of our employees and customers are the same as the development and progress of our organization.